Your Safety is our Priority

The Health & Safety of our guests and staff has been and remains our top priority in TOP RANK HOTELS.

TOP RANK HOTELS follows the instructions for the health protocols and has been certified safe for operations in all our facilities.

We present to you the specially designed Operational and Protection Plan of our Hotel. It includes the framework of hygiene and safety measures that we are ready to implement to protect both our guests and our employees, without compromising on the quality of hospitality we offer you.


Our goal is your holidays at TOP RANK HOTELS to be not only unforgettable but also safe.


  • Continuous information and faithful implementation of the instructions of the National Public Health Guidelines.
  • Staff training on a daily basis and systematic control for strict adherence to instructions.
  • High standards for food and beverage production according to the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point System) protocol combined with strict hand washing and hygiene policies for all our food and beverage production teams.
  • Systematic daily disinfection at contact points and frequent use such as elevator buttons, reception benches, common door handles, WCs, etc.
  • Hand sanitizers in all public areas.
  • Strict room cleaning and disinfection protocols before each arrival.


  • Specialized training of all staff in matters of health and safety.
  • Posting information boards of basic health instructions.
  • Keeping a file of customers with personal data (address, phone, email) for reasons of public health protection and possible need for tracking.
  • Check-in from 3.00 pm & Check-out until 11:00 am to ensure that the room is cleaned, adequately disinfected and adequate natural ventilation is followed.
  • Key Room Cards, air condition’s and TV’s remote controls are properly disinfected and delivered in a package.
  • In the reception area, the appropriate distances are observed (Placement of floor markings at a distance of two meters / Appropriate furniture arrangement).
  • Electronic and contactless bill payment is recommended and available, electronic invoicing is sent via e-mail.
  • Credit card charge after confirmation of the balance by the customer.
  • Providing useful information for health providers, pharmacies in the area.
  • Doctor available 24/7.
  • All staff at our hotel is equipped with Personal Protective Equipment.
  • Hand sanitizer points are available at key points inside the hotel for use by staff & guests.
  • All “high risk” surfaces are disinfected at regular intervals with approved disinfectant preparations with virulent and bactericidal action suitable for SARS-CoV-2.
  • Special Equipment (Medical Kit) in case of suspicious case.

Means of Personal Protection

  • Providing personal protective equipment to all staff
  • Hand antiseptics are available for guests and staff in all public areas
  • Staff undergo thermal screening daily
  • Keeping a safe distance
  • Appropriate markings in all public areas.
  • Appropriate arrangement of table seats in reception, restaurant, bar, multipurpose rooms.
  • We inform according to the new operating hotels’ protocols, it is forbidden to enter the hotel rooms to non-residents.

Suspicious case handling

Our hotel works with a doctor specially trained in the management of COVID-19 cases and has developed a comprehensive action plan for the management of possible suspicious cases, with respect for the personality and privacy of our customers.


  • Increased frequency of cleaning of common areas and surfaces and staff work areas, with special emphasis on frequent contact points.
  • A steam device is used to disinfect fabric surfaces.
  • Restaurant and bar tables are disinfected after each use.
  • Recommendation to visitors to avoid using hotel’s public toilets.
  • Cleaning and maintenance of air conditioners based on the relevant Circulars.
  • Appropriate furniture arrangement to reduce the risk of overcrowding.
  • Numerous hand sanitizers for guests and staff.


Kindly Note: Top Rank Hotels & Apartments does not have any affiliation or partnership with any third party. All enquiries should be directed to Plot 245 P.O.W Mafemi Crescent, Utako District, Abuja. Any transaction(s) conducted with any group or individual Top Rank Galaxy wont be liable.